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International Journal "The Researcher" inviting manuscripts for December 2018 Issue"

Vol.2 Issue 2, December 2017
Articles 1-5
Role of SHGs in Improving Socio-Economic Status of Women in Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh
  • Mohd Shamim Ansari
  • Radhia Kureel
Deconstruction as A Method of Film Criticism
  • Kumar Rajyavardhan
  • Shikha Sharma
Socio-Economic Disparities Prevailing in Indian Society : An Empirical Analysis
  • Megha Thakur
Effect of Natural Gas Usage on Environment - An Article
  • Amitabh Ranjan
Contribuction of Behavioral Finance in Investment Decisions - An Article
Pages 49-50Vandna Misra
  • Vandna Misra

Vol.2 Issue1, June 2017
Articles 2-11
Impact of Dta Quality of Electronic Health Records on Job Characteristics of Physicians
  • Navneet Kaur Bajwa
  • Harjot Singh
  • Kalyan Kumar De
Globalization: challenges and opportunities (India Prospective)
  • Davinder Kaur Sohi
  • Ruchita Kaushik
  • Isha Sharma
Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: Present Scenario
  • Kamlesh Kumar Shukla
  • Stuti Tripathi
An Impact of Foreign Institutional Investors on National Stock Exchange
  • Seema Thakur
  • Khan Ilya
  • Alam gair
Financial Inclusion: Role of Banks
  • Love Gogia
Vol.1 Issue2, December 2016
Articles 1-5
Neuroscience Basis of Context in Multimedia Enhanced Problem-Based STEM Learning
  • David Devraj Kumar
Role of Media in the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism: An exploratory Study of Sikkim
  • Mahesh Puja
  • Kumar Amit
Life Satisfaction: A literature Review
  • Rituparna Prasoon
  • K R Chaturvedi
Financing Alternatives for SACCOS and their Impact on Financial Performance: Evidence from Tanzania
  • Mosses Mwizarubi
  • Ramarcha Kuma
  • Bernard Mnzava
  • Sadananda Prusty
A Study on Application of New Media for Yoga Learning among Women (With Reference to Young Women of Raipur City)
  • Sumedha Chaudhury
Vol.1 Issue1, June 2016
Articles 1-6
Construction of Identity and Multiculturalism in Novels: A semiotic and Psychoanalytic Study of '2States' by Chetan Bhagat
  • Garima Singh
  • Rajesh Kumar
An Overview on Farmers Suicidal Tendency In INDIA
  • K.V Ashalatha
  • Chiranjib Das
EHR's role on Job Characteristics and Satisfaction of Indian Physicians
  • Navneet Kaur Gill
Digital Democracy and Student Politics: Interpretation from Assam University Student's Council Elections
  • Raghavendra Mishra
Trade and Inclusive Growth
  • Manisha Singh
  • Sunil Kumar Chaturvedi
An Analysis of Structural Change in Punjab Economy
  • Megha Thakur
  • Ramna Singla